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Member of Kalimpong Horticulture Society, Kalimpong, W.B., India.
(Reg.# S/78538)

Rendezvous with the Kenibreeder’s.

In the midst of the mountains wrapped in their green clock with great flowing rivers, breathing a clear air stands Kenibreed Plants-  a replica of nature, bowing before all the nature lovers with its set of overflowing varieties of Cool & tropical  seeds and bulbs / rhizomes with the motive of reaching the stars through sincerity, hard work, quality and prompt service.

Kenibreed Plants has been started by a man who believes in-deeds tailing the fact of the story rather than mere words. This journey  to the plant kingdom was started back in the sixties with a spade  & some seedlings in his hand with a determination of making  big in the world. Now with the determination, Kenibreed plants had emerged with utmost reputation - A family run Business firm situated at North-East India, under the state of West Bengal, India at the altitude of about 4000ft. Our root goes back to the sixties and we are the second generation successor of this trade.

We the Kenibreeder’s whole heartedly welcome you to the world set by the kenibreeder’s extending a hands towards a successful  business venture.

From the proprietor Desk.

Kenibreed Plants has not been an establishment of a day but, a dream of yesterday and  a reality of today. I Keshow Chandra Pradhan with  the aim to make the dream of my family  come true set myself in this trade after having  first  finished my B.Sc. Degree  examination from Darjeeling Government College in the year of 1980.

Well in the  beginning, I was a struggling figure before  the well established.  Through determination , hard work and cooperation  of my family and staff members, Kenibreed Plants stands among  to be one  of the  reputed firm . We (Kenibreed Plants) have not reached the sky but we still see our selves as a learner of the plant kingdom. It is not an achievement of an individual but a team work achievement.

Lastly,  we all welcome you  to the firm set by the Kenibreeder’s . You can be sure of getting quality at the best prices.

We always think  that you are not only our costumers but also our friends of the plant kingdom.

Thank you very much once again.                                             

We extend to you a cordial invitation.


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