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Cool & Tropical Seeds

We have various collections of Cool & Tropical Seeds like Magnolia Campbellii Pink, Passiflora Edulis, Argyrea hookeri etc.

Bulbs & Rhizomes

Apart form seeds, we also deal in  Bulbs/Rhizomes of the Himalayan origin. 
Lilium mackliniae, Bergenia  ciliata etc. 


We have extensive collections of Palm varieties from Indo-Burma. Caryota himalayana, Caryota himalayana solitary etc.

Welcome to Kenibreed Plants


In the midst of the mountains wrapped in their green clock with great flowing rivers, breathing a clear air stands Kenibreed Plants -  a replica of nature, bowing before all the nature lovers with it's set of overflowing varieties of Cool & tropical seeds and bulbs / rhizomes with the motive of reaching the stars through sincerity, hard work, quality and prompt service.

Kenibreed Plants is a family run Business firm situated at North- Eastern India, under the state of West Bengal. We mainly deal in seeds of ornamental / flowering plant and some bulbous plants too. Our root goes back to the sixties and we are the second-generation successor of this trade. Hope, you will find some thing interesting in our offer. We assure you our utmost care with regards to both quality and prompt service.