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Cool & Tropical Seeds

We have various collections of Cool & Tropical Seeds like Magnolia Campbellii Pink, Passiflora Edulis, Argyrea hookeri etc.

Bulbs & Rhizomes

Apart form seeds, we also deal in  Bulbs/Rhizomes of the Himalayan origin. 
Lilium mackliniae, Bergenia  ciliata etc. 


We have extensive collections of Palm varieties from Indo-Burma. Caryota himalayana, Caryota himalayana solitary etc.

Welcome to Kenibreed Plants


In the midst of the mountains wrapped in their green clock with great flowing rivers, breathing a clear air stands Kenibreed Plants -  a replica of nature, bowing before all the nature lovers with it's set of overflowing varieties of Cool & tropical seeds and bulbs / rhizomes with the motive of reaching the stars through sincerity, hard work, quality and prompt service.

Kenibreed Plants is a family run Business firm situated at North- Eastern India, under the state of West Bengal. We mainly deal in seeds of ornamental / flowering plant and some bulbous plants too. Our root goes back to the sixties and we are the second-generation successor of this trade. Hope, you will find some thing interesting in our offer. We assure you our utmost care with regards to both quality and prompt service.

Kenibreed Plants:

Keshow Chandra Pradhan, Prop. 
Meenamit Lepcha (Pradhan) Prop.